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AllOfficeCenters is Europe’s leading contact for flexible office solutions – pre-equipped workstations with flexible conditions. In our overview, you can view your flex office center options in Zurich – over 20 business centers are available to choose from!

Whether you are a freelancer, belong to a medium-sized company, or represent an international corporation, there are flex solutions of all sizes and price ranges. To ensure that you find the right workspaces, we support you personally by offering a free and comprehensive consulting service. Read more

Business Centers in Zurich – explore your options

All business centers are fully furnished, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and include 24-hour access with additional services. These flex office solutions are truly office-as-a-service solutions. That means, in addition to the use of the workstations, you are offered a wide range of exclusive amenities.

These include high-speed WiFi, on-site catering, and fully equipped meeting rooms. Best of all, everything is included in the monthly price of your membership. Not only can you choose from a long list of features and extras, but you can also customize the exact room layout to suit your team’s needs. Depending on which workstation you choose, there are many other individualized extras – explore them all on the property detail descriptions or our FAQ.

Flexible Workplace Solutions in Zurich’s city center and surrounding neighborhoods

Explore the over 20 business centers in and around Zurich providing flex space solutions. We provide affordable workplaces at top locations, including District 1, City West, Muhlebach, Wollishofen, Alt-Wiedikon, Zurich Airport, Opfikon, Wallisellen. These neighborhoods provide first-class culture in Switzerland’s most beautiful city.

No matter the center you choose, you can look forward to inspiring interiors and state-of-the-art technology. Combine that with the economic, social, and cultural centers of Switzerland, and you have the perfect environment to grow your business. Contact us for the latest pricing and information, and get ready to move into your customized flex space in one of the country’s largest and grandest cities.

Business Center Memberships according to your needs and budget

All flex space contracts are fully customized to meet your needs. In the case of all office centers in the greater Zurich area, you benefit from flexible contracts, completely tailored to you in terms of duration, space allocation, office size, and individualized services. You only pay for what you need and want. Contact us personally for more details.

In addition to the use of the workstations, you are offered a wide range of exclusive amenities.

Become a member of a Zurich business center now and benefit many times over:

Zurich: A high quality of life and low taxes

Zurich – both a city and a Swiss canton – is located in the heart of Europe. For this reason, it holds an important geostrategic position. With well over 400,000 inhabitants, the dynamic, and growing metropolis is the country’s largest city and exemplifies Switzerland’s economic, social, and cultural relevance.

Zurich companies network with a wide variety of pioneering industries. These include information and communication technologies, life sciences, and space technology. The city is best known for its financial sector. In fact, more than 100 foreign banks and numerous renowned insurance companies are headquartered here, making Zurich Switzerland’s top financial center.

But the city is more than just a financial hub – there has also been exponential growth in the creative industries in recent years. Whether advertising, media, or fashion, innovation, and inventiveness are the backbones of this major city.

Economic strength through superb education

80% of Swiss companies are located in Zurich, making it the economic center of the country. The city shines in the service sector, with 90% of employees with jobs in this industry. Specific service sector subsets include consulting, legal, and real estate. Zurich can attract top talent because of its prestigious colleges and research institutions.

Switzerland’s two largest universities call the city home and are innovators in science and technology. Zurich is attractive to companies due to its low tax rates. Therefore, there is plenty of foreign investment, especially in the financial industry.

Zurich – a tourist destination with a superb quality of life

The city boasts one of the highest quality of life for its residents, and it has been proven by several renowned publications, such as the Presidential Department.
Tourists visit Zurich from around the world to experience the historic old town and its ancient architecture. Lake Zurich is nearby, along with stunning vistas of the Alps from several of the city’s coveted green spaces and parks.

The many economic and cultural factors make Zurich attractive as a company headquarters. If you want to become part of the prospering metropolis or are currently looking for better business center solutions in the region, we would love to help you locate and move into the ideal business center as quickly as possible – without obligation and commission-free.

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The dynamic and growing metropolis is the country's largest city and exemplifies Switzerland's economic, social, and cultural relevance.

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