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1 Rome, Piazza del Popolo

place 187 Rom, Palazzo Valadier

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 12 bis 20 m2

Our center is placed in one of the most famous of Rome and situated on the second floor of the historical Palazzo Valadier, dedicated to the famous neoclassical architect. The rooms are bright and welcoming, the floors are made of polished wooden and interior furniture is simple but elegant. The area is central, so that the building is situated directly in one of the most beautiful and cosmopolite square of the world. Nearby you can find loc

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2 Rome, Via Cassia

place 00189 Rom, Via Cassia

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 2 bis 12 m2

This Business Center Provides : serviced and full furnished offices in all sizes, meeting room nad virtual offices.

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3 Rome, Via Savoia

place 00198 Rom, Via Savoia

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 2 bis 20 m2

This Center Offers: serviced and full furnished offices in all sizes, meeting room nad virtual offices.

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4 Rome, Via di Valle Lupara

place 00148 Rom, Via di Valle Lupara

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 12 bis 24 m2

Business Center GRA is located in a comfortable area on the Great Green Road, near the intersection with the toll road Roma – Fiumicino.

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5 Rome, Via Franco Donatelli

place 00127 Rom, Via Franco Donatelli

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 2 bis 12 m2

This Business Center is located in a modern bulding , it occupies four floors nad provides fully furnished and fully serviced offices . In the ground floor there is a very welcoming reception that contain a team who will help you in the daily tasks.

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6 Rome, Via Boezio

place 00193 Rom, Via Boezio

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 2 bis 12 m2

This Business center offers a very flexible terms for equiped office , and meeting rooms.

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7 Rome, Viale Luca Gaurico

place 00143 Rom, Viale Luca Gaurico

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 2 bis 12 m2

The office space in Esposizione Universale Roma (EUR) is located in a stunning glass-fronted modern building in an out-of-town business district. The area was originally planned for the 1942 world fair, featuring austere architecture. New office and government buildings and green spaces have since been added, and EUR is still expanding through urban planning projects. The building has secure parking and is close to an underground railway sta

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8 Rome, Viale Gianluigi Bonelli

place 40-00127 Rom, Viale Gianluigi Bonelli

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 2 bis 12 m2

This Busines Center provides serviced and equiped offices in all sizes with flexible terms of lease.

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9 Rome, Via Antonio Salandra

place 00187 Rom, Via Antonio Salandra

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 2 bis 12 m2

he office space in Barberini, Rome is in a refurbished modern building close to the US embassy and government departments. There is a terrace with views over this prestigious district, developed in the centre of Rome at the end of the 19th century, and the major banks are based nearby. Rome is dominated by commercial service sectors, including banking and insurance, and attracts leading companies from hi-tech industries such as IT, aerospace

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10 Rome, Via del Casale Solaro

place 00143 Rom, Via del Casale Solaro

zoom_out_map Bürofläche: 2 bis 12 m2

This Business Centers is located in the prestigious district dell’Eur, the business center of Rome. The 42 offices are located in a large villa of approximately 1000 square meters. There are offices of different sizes, all elegantly furnished, wired and with internet connection. The center offers: Large gardens where you can organize events and get catering. 4 conference rooms that can accommodate from 8 to 30 people. Free parking. In

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