Paris, La Fayette

  • place Adresse: Rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris
  • zoom_out_map Bürogröße: 8 bis 100m2
  • people Meetingraumgröße: 4 bis 16 Personen

Das bieten Ihnen diese Büroflächen

If you’re looking for a space where you can meet lots of other enthusiastic and forward-thinking people, this is your right place.
In this office center you have the opportunity to work in an exciting environment together with other entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers.
A communal kitchen, meeting rooms, high-speed Internet and office services are available to all customers.
From the open space office, event areas or single office rooms, from 1 day to several years of contract periods, here you will find the right solution for your office needs.
It has been equipped with state-of-the-art building technology and cooling and meets every lifestyle requirement. The office size depends on your needs.
The rooms there are highly modern and have a lot of light flooded area.

Ausstattung & Services

Details zum Bürostandort

Just a few blocks from both Gare St Lazare and the Opera Garnier, This center is an Art Deco building with a central atrium, multiple outdoor terraces and views over St. Georges and Pigalle.

Vorteile des Standorts

  • subway In der Nähe der U-Bahn

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