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1 Frankfurt Inner City, Alte Oper

place 60313 Francfort sur le Main, Opernplatz

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 12 à 2,500 m2

This brand-new Frankfurt business center boasts high-quality flex space in one of the city’s most exclusive locations. Spread over 2,600 m², this exceptional center includes 139 workspaces, 55 offices, and 5 conference rooms, and 8 silent cubes all with first-class furnishings and exceptional service.

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2 Frankfurt City Center, Marienturm

place 60329 Francfort sur le Main, Taunusanlage

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 16 à 2,500 m2

The business center is located in the middle of the city center of the strong financial and business location, Frankfurt. The center is easy to reach by public transport and car. You will find your parking spaces in the center's own underground garage. Public parking garages are available in the immediate vicinity. Moreover, countless fancy cafés, restaurants, and sights are nearby. These make every lunch break unique and also invite you to spend long evenings in the direct neighborhood after business hours.

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3 Frankfurt City Center, Zeil

place 60313 Francfort sur le Main, Zeil

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 12 à 750 m2

The modern premises are located in an impressively designed new building and bring you numerous benefits as a ’’FlexSpace’’ member. In addition, a cozy lounge offers enough space for a lively exchange and active networking. Use one of the many rooms for internal meetings or the reception of important business partners and benefit from the productive, stress-free working atmosphere.

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4 Frankfurt Inner City, Omniturm

place 60311 Francfort sur le Main, Grosse Gallusstrasse

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 15 à 5,900 m2

The Omniturm is a 190-meter-high, architecturally innovative high-rise building that houses residential floors in addition to FlexSpace spaces - unique in Frankfurt. Multi-award-winning architect Bjarke Ingels designed the building, which meets perfectly the needs of today's and tomorrow's lifestyles. Here you will find "next-gen" spaces for businesses with, particularly high standards.

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5 Frankfurt Inner City, Eurotheum

place 60311 Francfort sur le Main, Neue Mainzer Strasse

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 10 à 3,000 m2

This center provides a unique, inspiring atmosphere and offers a high quality of stay. In addition, the exclusive 22nd Lounge and Bar is located on the 22nd floor of the building, where you can enjoy the evening after work with a breathtaking view of the city.

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6 Frankfurt Banking District, Taunusturm

place 60329 Francfort sur le Main, Taunustor

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 12 à 650 m2

In the middle of the banking and business district: The Taunusturm is undoubtedly in one of Frankfurt's best locations. The business center features excellent equipment and offers its tenants modern, exclusive furniture in real wood, combined with a bright and high-quality design of all rooms.

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7 Frankfurt Banking District, Garden Tower

place 60311 Francfort sur le Main, Neue Mainzer Strasse

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 10 à 2,500 m2

Comfort, well-being, and harmony are the main features of this office center. The property is realized with generous window areas for light-flooded offices and a pleasant working atmosphere. A special architectural feature of the Garden Tower is the twelve winter gardens that have been cut into the facade.

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8 Frankfurt Inner City, Taunusanlage

place 60325 Francfort sur le Main, Taunusanlage

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 10 à 7,200 m2

The Taunusanlage business center is located in the heart of Frankfurt's banking district. Teams of all sizes surely will feel at home at this flex location with on-site staff, high-quality lounge areas, and private phone booths. This is where creative projects are launched, success stories are written, and new collaborations are established.

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9 Frankfurt City, Opernturm

place 60306 Francfort sur le Main, Bockenheimer Landstrasse

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 14 à 1,310 m2

Due to its location in the city center/financial district, the Opernturm is easily reached by various means of public transport. The main train station and the trade fair area are a few minutes away, and the airport is a 20-minute drive away.

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10 Frankfurt City, Marienforum

place 60329 Francfort sur le Main, Mainzer Landstrasse

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 20 à 1.800 m2

L'centre'd'affaires Marienforum bénéficie d'un emplacement de choix à Francfort et impressionne par son aspect moderne, sa décoration intérieure élégante, ses nombreux restaurants et magasins et les possibilités de rencontrer des personnes partageant les mêmes idées. Vous pouvez rejoindre la gare centrale en seulement 10 minutes à pied, l'aéroport en 15 minutes en voiture et l'arrêt de S-Bahn ’Taunusanlage’ se trouve à proximité directe.

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11 Frankfurt Inner City, Goetheplatz

place 60311 Francfort sur le Main, Neue Rothofstraße

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 5 à 4,500 m2

This business center offers plenty of space and all the prerequisites for successfully realizing "New Work". On more than 4,500 m², companies have the opportunity to work on a daily creative to start a new cooperation with other companies and exchange themselves daily with like-minded people from the same industry area.

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12 Frankfurt Central Station, Wiesenhuttenplatz

place 60329 Francfort sur le Main, Wiesenhuttenplatz

zoom_out_map Dimensions du bureau: 14 à 3,700 m2

Let us point out just one highlight of this business center: the private dining terrace, which offers a remarkable view of downtown Frankfurt. The rooftop lounge is also the ideal location for spectacular events. Another special feature is the free bicycle rental service, which allows you to quickly get to the pleasant banks of the Main River or another city location during your lunch break.

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