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Rent Office Space in Düsseldorf

Are you looking to rent an office in Düsseldorf? AllOfficeCenters can offer you a complete overview of all availabilities. Our team of experts is there to personally help you along every step of the way in finding your ideal office – 100% commission-free!

Use our map for a quick and easy way to find the corporate space you need – whether it be in the Old Town, Carlstadt, Friedrichstadt, or the Medienhafen. You can browse through all available offers and directly request all information and prices for the office of your choice. From private to team, to open-plan offices, there are optimal solutions for companies of all sizes, for 100 or even over 500 employees. With our help, you are sure to find what you are looking for! Read more

1 Dusseldorf City Center, Girardet House

place 40212 Düsseldorf, Konigsallee

zoom_out_map Office size: 10 to 1,700 m2

This property is located directly on the KO-Graben on Konigsallee in the Girardet House, which was built in 1906. A unique working environment has been created on this space, with 21 fully equipped offices between 10 and 1,700 m².

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2 Dusseldorf City Center, KO-Quartier

place 40213 Düsseldorf, Breite Strasse

zoom_out_map Office size: 16 to 1,100 m2

Located in the vibrant center of the city, the location of this commercial complex is hard to top. In the immediate vicinity are a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shopping options. In addition, the location is ideally connected to public transport.

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3 Dusseldorf Pempelfort, Prinz-Georg-Strasse

place 40479 Düsseldorf, Prinz-Georg-Strasse

zoom_out_map Office size: 12 to 900 m2

The individual office spaces (ranging from 12 - 900 m²) are very well cut, bright and friendly. Each space, whether private office, double office, or larger team space, reflects your personal style. You can set up your office space as you like – and each office has internet access with structured network cabling and VLAN.

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4 Dusseldorf Carlstadt, Breite Strasse II

place 40213 Düsseldorf, Breite Strasse

zoom_out_map Office size: 14 to 1,600 m2

The central location between Carlsplatz and KO is perfect for setting up professionally and getting started – whether for a day, a week, a month, or longer. Meet colleagues, invite clients, or brainstorm with your team – in the middle of Dusseldorf's business district. It couldn't be simpler or more efficient.

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5 Dusseldorf Central, Berliner Allee

place 40212 Düsseldorf, Berliner Allee

zoom_out_map Office size: 13 to 2,700 m2

In this property, you can rent office space of various sizes, equipped with ergonomic furniture and customizable IT infrastructure. You can expect 17 private offices of various sizes, as well as a number of individual office workstations. All premises are furnished to a high standard, lockable, and cleaned daily.

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6 Dusseldorf Friedrichstadt, Furst and Friedrich

place 40217 Düsseldorf, Friedrichstrasse

zoom_out_map Office size: 19 to 5,000 m2

The Furst und Friedrich in Dusseldorf is a spectacular office building that fuses an ultra-modern new building and historical flair to create innovative working environments. Behind an impressive glass façade, light-flooded office space, high-quality meeting rooms, and plenty of space for unforgettable events await new tenants.

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7 Dusseldorf Rath, Theodorstrasse

place 40472 Düsseldorf, Theodorstraße

zoom_out_map Office size: 3 to 1,700 m2

This brand new property in Dusseldorf Rath has a large number of modern office spaces at flexible contract terms. Here you can expect 60 private offices and two spacious meeting rooms for your meetings. Exactly the right offer for anyone looking for a prestigious workplace in the Rath district.

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8 Dusseldorf Harbor, Tanzende Turme (Dancing Towers)

place 40221 Düsseldorf, Neuer Zollhof

zoom_out_map Office size: 10 to 1,300 m2

Not only employees but even tourists flock to the iconic "Dancing Towers" at the Neue Zollhof every day. A look at the photos explains why. As for the available office space, it can be rented from 10 m² and is all state-of-the-art. Of course, this property is also ideally connected to public transportation.

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9 Dusseldorf Harbor, Hammerstrasse

place 40219 Düsseldorf, Hammerstrasse

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 1,790 m2

This office building is located in one of the most central locations where you can rent an office in Dusseldorf. By public transport, you can easily reach the main station by streetcar or bus. Furthermore, you need only a few minute's walk to many famous restaurants with a wide range of gastronomic offers.

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10 Dusseldorf Carlstadt, Breite Strasse

place 40213 Düsseldorf, Breite Strasse

zoom_out_map Office size: 13 to 5,500 m2

This state-of-the-art property offers the latest offices and conference rooms. The office complex covers the top 5 floors of the commercial building in the center of Dusseldorf. The premises have been designed in a refreshing and creative way and will enhance your motivation.

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11 Dusseldorf City Center, Kesselstrasse

place 40221 Düsseldorf, Kesselstrasse

zoom_out_map Office size: 10 to 21,100 m2

The office building on Kesselstrasse in the center of Düsseldorf offers modern office space and a wide range of services for all tenants. Flexible contract terms increase the attractiveness.

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12 Dusseldorf City Center, Konigsallee II

place 40212 Düsseldorf, Konigsallee

zoom_out_map Office size: 11 to 1,000 m2

This office building is located directly on the famous Konigsallee Boulevard, also known as KO. The shopping street is characterized by exclusive stores, shopping centers, and hotels. An excellent office location for teams of all sizes!

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13 Dusseldorf Carlstadt, GAP15

place 40213 Düsseldorf, Graf-Adolf-Platz

zoom_out_map Office size: 15 to 2,500 m2

The GAP15 property, completed in 2005, is located in an ellipse-shaped, fully glazed office tower that is considered a new landmark in the city. Through the impressive ten-meter-high, completely light-flooded entrance hall, your customers enter your fully equipped, flexibly selectable office spaces.

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14 Dusseldorf City Center, Stilwerk

place 40212 Düsseldorf, Gruenstrasse

zoom_out_map Office size: 10 to 4,100 m2

The office building on Gruenstrasse in Dusseldorf-Mitte offers ready-to-occupy office space at flexible lease terms. In addition, the lively surroundings ensure ideal transport links.

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Rent an Office in Düsseldorf: Your Perfect Location for Success

AllOfficeCenters supports you in finding your dream office in Düsseldorf – always with a focus on your requirements and budget expectations. We offer you customized contract conditions for rental period and rental area, as well as fully furnished office spaces including use of the kitchen, internet, conference rooms, and common areas. We always present you with the latest office space Düsseldorf, offering you the highest degree of flexibility.

Customized office solutions for every company

Our offer is aimed at companies of every size and budget expectation. We offer you customized contract conditions for rental period and rental area, as well as a fully furnished office space including use of the kitchen, internet, conference rooms, and common areas. We always present you with the latest office spaces in Düsseldorf, offering you the highest degree of flexibility.

Latest office spaces for rent in Düsseldorf

Our consultants arrange office workspaces in all parts of Düsseldorf: Königsallee, Stadtmitte, Carlstadt, Altstadt, Golzheim, Am Seestern, or Medienhafen – renowned locations with numerous advantages. The office highlights include premium spaces such as the Andreas Quartier in the Old Town, the incomparable Dancing Towers at the new Zollhof, or the attractively located Girardet House. Whether in the Düsseldorf city center, Pempelfort, at the harbor, or Friedrichstadt, the rental spaces in the city are waiting for your immediate occupancy.

Rent an office in Düsseldorf: tailored to your needs

Our offices in Düsseldorf are available in all designs, including single, team, and open-plan offices. The room layout and number of people can be individually adapted to your project. As individual as the office spaces are, they have one thing in common: an attractive location, modern interior design, and technically excellent equipment. Innovative, modern, and productive – that’s what office spaces in Düsseldorf are like. Benefit from the advantages of the location.

We accompany you without commission to your office in Düsseldorf

Our goal is to accompany you without commission to your perfect office in Düsseldorf. We support startups, SMEs, and large companies alike in finding the right office solution. After contract conclusion, rental period, leased areas, and services can be flexibly adjusted. Your requirements are our top priority, and we offer you a personal and non-binding consultation. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements directly. The experts at AllOfficeCenters are always there for you.

Benefit from flexible contracts that are tailored to your needs in terms of duration, room layout, size, and other services!

5 Advantages of a Flexible Office Solution in Düsseldorf

  1. Prime Location:
    Düsseldorf is a thriving city with a strong economy and a high quality of life. With a flexible office rental, you can choose a prime location in the city center or in other desirable areas.
  2. Customizable Space:
    With a flexible office rental, you can customize the layout and size of your office to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your workspace is perfectly tailored to your business.
  3. No Long-Term Commitment:
    You’re not locked into a long-term lease with a flexible office rental, which means you can adjust your office space as your business needs change over time.
  4. Professional Amenities:
    Flexible office spaces in Düsseldorf come fully equipped and furnished, so you can start working right away without worrying about setting up your office.
  5. Cost Savings:
    Flexible office rental can be more cost-effective than traditional leasing, as you only pay for the space and services you actually use. This can translate into significant cost savings for your business.

Flexible Office Space in Düsseldorf comes along with many extra features:

Rent an office in Düsseldorf: Successful economic location in the heart of Europe

Düsseldorf is a strong economic location in Europe as the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and an attractive destination for companies from various industries. Over 45,000 national and international companies have settled here, contributing to a total of 4.5 million workers in the city and generating a proud 11% of Germany’s gross domestic product.

Banks, fashion, and beauty: Industry diversity in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is not only home to companies in the fashion, beauty, and telecommunications industries, but the banking sector is also well represented here. Almost 170 banks, including branches and headquarters, have settled here, making Düsseldorf the second-largest banking city in Germany. The city is also a well-known trade fair location with 20 international fairs that attract up to 2 million visitors annually. This is also true for companies in the tech, pharma, chemistry, and medical industries, making Düsseldorf the leading consulting location in Germany.

 Rent Office Space in Düsseldorf: a city with a high quality of life

Düsseldorf is one of the most sought-after locations for offices in Germany. The city has been repeatedly voted into the top ten cities with the highest quality of life by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. This is due, among other things, to the excellent infrastructure and the highlights that the city has to offer. The famous Königsallee (KÖ) is one of Germany’s most profitable shopping streets. In addition to the Mediahafen, the old town, and the Rhine promenade, numerous shopping opportunities, restaurants, and bars offer an extensive range of leisure activities. The city’s special charm attracts not only tourists but also students, innovators, and professionals, ensuring a constant demand for qualified workers.

With its economic power and quality of life, the city of Düsseldorf offers an attractive environment for companies and business partners. Excellent transport connections by bus, train, and tram, as well as a well-developed cycling network, ensure easy arrival and departure. The international Stuttgart Airport and the main train station are only a few minutes away. With AllOfficeCenters, you can quickly and easily find the right business office in this successful economic location. Our experts support you in finding your ideal office solution in Düsseldorf.

AllOfficeCenters supports you in finding your ideal office in Düsseldorf

Our experts at AllOfficeCenters are happy to help you find your perfect business space in Düsseldorf. We offer an overview of the extensive and first-class office space in the city. Whether it’s a single office or an open-plan office, for founders, startups, creatives, or freelancers – we have the ideal solution for your company.

If you are convinced of the many advantages that Düsseldorf offers as an economic location, let us help you find the right office. With our free service, the perfect office is only a few steps away. Our experts are happy to advise you and find an office solution that meets your requirements and seamlessly integrates into your business strategy.

With AllOfficeCenters as your partner in your office search in Düsseldorf, you can be sure that you will receive comprehensive advice and a wide selection of first-class offices. We help you achieve your business goals and offer you the necessary flexibility to successfully expand your business activity in the city.

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