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Located in northern Italy, Milan is the second-most populous city in the country. Because of its central location in Europe and the city’s reputation as a leader in finance, international and domestic companies are searching for office space in Milan.

To make your search easier, utilize our convenient and easy-to-use map tool. Use it to explore the areas of the city that are the best for your business, including neighborhoods such as the Central District, Stazione Centrale, and Centro Storico. Our rental agents help match you with appropriate offices after getting to know your business and understanding your unique needs. Read more

1 Milan Central, Via Meravigli

place MI 20123 Milan, Via Meravigli

zoom_out_map Office size: 4 to 4,970 m2

Set within a beautifully renovated historic building on Via Meravigli in Milan’s Central district, this coworking space is an embodiment of the city’s ability to merge old and new. All eight stories of the magnificent building are beautifully furnished with contemporary furniture and modern art pieces that inspire and energize all who work here. With coworking hot desks and private office rental available, this flex office is well suited

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2 Milan Central, Via Giuseppe Mazzini

place MI 20123 Milan, Via Giuseppe Mazzini

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 5,240 m2

All 10 floors of this stunning contemporary building on Via Giuseppe Mazzini in Milan’s Central district are dedicated to this coworking space. The brand-new flex office has single desks and private offices available for rent, making it suitable to businesses with all workspace requirements. Conference rooms are available throughout the building, offering an ideal venue to bring teams together as needed. Those seeking a more casual working

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3 Milan Stazione Centrale, Via Vittor Pisani

place MI 20124 Milan, Via Vittor Pisani

zoom_out_map Office size: 6 to 4,560 m2

Catering to the needs of every kind of company, whether a start-up or an established business, this flex office on Via Vittor Pisani in Milan’s Stazione Centrale area is as energizing as it is stylish. Both chic private offices and coworking desk options are available to rent with fully flexible contracts and plenty of room to grow. Between the dedicated office space areas are comfortable lounges that offer the opportunity to change your w

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4 Milan Porta Nuova, Via Filippo Turati

place 20121 Milan, Via Filippo Turati

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 4,670 m2

Consisting of nine stories in the middle of Milan’s Centro Storico, or historic center, this flexible office space manages to seamlessly combine its contemporary design with the past. Decorated with colorful furnishings and thought-provoking modern artwork, the well-lit community areas in this coworking space encourage positivity and inspire creativity. The unique conference rooms available across all floors are ideal for more formal team

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5 Milan San Marco, Via San Marco

place MI 20121 Milan, Via San Marco

zoom_out_map Office size: 7 to 3,830 m2

Located in the heart of Milan’s Historic Center, this renovated shared office boasts a modern design with a light and spacious layout. Hot desking and private office rental options are available, inviting companies of all sizes to join the space for a contract period suited to their business needs. Comfortable, art-filled lounges are found throughout the building, which makes the perfect place to work in a more casual atmosphere or encoura

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6 Milan, Via Torino

place 20123 Milan, Via Torino

zoom_out_map Office size: 2 to 14 m2

The offices occupy a historic building in Piazza Duomo, the city’s main square, surrounded by important monuments, including the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, which gives the name to the place. Milano is considered one of the most important centers of the global fashion industry, and Piazza del Duomo is often described as the oldest place of shopping in town, thanks to its fashion houses and shops; among the other things, the busi

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7 Milan, Via Roberto Lepetit

place 20124 Milan, Via Roberto Lepetit

zoom_out_map Office size: 2 to 20 m2

The business center at Milan Central Station, which is located in one of the world’s fashion capitals, is designed to give your business the image it deserves. Located near the center of Milan, the main commercial and financial hub of Italy offers excellent connections to the main railway station of Milano Centrale and two metro lines. It is also not far from Linate Airport, making it easily accessible both for you and for your customers.

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8 Milan, Viale Giulio Richard

place 20143 Milan, Viale Giulio Richard

zoom_out_map Office size: 2 to 12 m2

This center offers fully furnished office spaces, coworking, and meeting rooms. All services are included.

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9 Milan, Via Giuseppe Prina

place 20154 Milan, Via Giuseppe Prina

zoom_out_map Office size: 2 to 12 m2

The business center is located in a modern loft just renovated with hi-tech furniture and modern paintings. Offering a wide range of office and workspace solutions: single or multiple offices, team, conferencing, meeting spaces, and virtual office packages. In the business center, you will have access to a complete array of office support and concierge services as well as state-of-the-art business technology. Agreement terms and office plans

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10 Milan, Piazza IV Novembre

place 20124 Milan, Piazza IV Novembre

zoom_out_map Office size: 2 to 12 m2

Located in the city center, only 30 m from the Central Railway Station, this business center offers carefully furnished offices with technical support for voice and data transmission, Multilanguage secretarial support, virtual office, telephone answering in your Company name, and Conference Rooms well equipped for courses and meeting.

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Rent Office Space in Milan!

Contemporary economic markets and business models demand flexibility. To help you meet your business goals, offices provided by AllOfficeCenters boast flexible leases with terms from a few months to several years. No matter your needs, our agents will assist you in finding the perfect office space to meet them.

Milan is a leader in many fields of business, especially in finance, healthcare, and media. As a world-class metropolis, the city offers numerous commercial districts, including the Historic Center, Piazza Duomo, and Via Brianza. By utilizing the convenient map tool, along with the expertise of the AllOfficeCenter agents – you can locate the neighborhood in the city that is best for growing your business and quickly begin the process of renting office space and moving in.

After looking for the dozens of available units in Milan, we can help you negotiate the best terms and price on your lease. During your search process, reach out to the AllOfficeCenters team. There is never an obligation to use our services.

Search commission-free Office Rentals in Milan

Milan boasts offices of every style and form. From traditional office spaces to open floor plans, there are offices in historic buildings or modern structures to meet the needs of any company. Choose from fully furnished offices with included amenities such as shared kitchens, private phone booths, conference rooms with high-tech hook-ups, and blazing-fast Wi-Fi or open floor plans boasting the same added features.

Milan has offices that can accommodate companies of any size. No matter if you are part of a large international company or a domestic start-up, AllOfficeCenters can help you find the perfect office to help you thrive and grow. Contact our team to rent office space today.

Because of its central location in Europe and the city’s reputation as a leader in finance, international and domestic companies are searching for office space in Milan.

Flexible Office Space in Milan has all the amenities your team could wish for:

Milan: A global city and leader in finance

Though the city of Milan has a population of  1 million people, the urban area surrounding the city extends well beyond its mapped borders. Therefore, Milan’s influence extends to a significant portion of northern Italy and even into southern Switzerland.

Milan boasts a diversified economy. Across the world, investors and business people respect the city as a leader in finance, but it also boasts thriving ventures in media, IT, education, healthcare, research, and tourism. Furthermore, the city is a world leader in fashion and hosts international events, such as Milan Fashion Week.

The economy in Milan is one of the largest and most robust in the European Union – on par with the economies of Paris and Madrid. The city has long been known as an industrial powerhouse, especially in automotive manufacturing. Other heavy industries include several headquarters aligned with chemical businesses.

Explore flexible Office Space leases in the cultural heart of Italy

Milan is a cultural and academic center of Italy. For example, the Pinacoteca di Brera holds some of the most important Italian art and paintings. And because Milan boasts some of the best educational centers in the world, such as The University of Milan, your company can hire from a diverse and intelligent talent pool.

Tourism is also a major draw for Milan. The city attracts an impressive 10 million visitors every year, coming to explore the numerous museums and art galleries, along with the well preserved gothic architecture, such as the Milan Cathedral.

Enjoy sports and entertainment in a world-class city

For entertainment, your employees can enjoy Milan’s professional soccer teams, A.C. Milan and Inter Milan – two of the most successful clubs in all of Europe. The sports excitement will continue in 2026 when the city plays host to the storied Winter Olympic games.

For assistance in finding an office rental in Milan, contact AllOfficeCenters today. Our advice is free-of-charge, and there is never an obligation. Trust our experts to lead you to the best office building and neighborhood to grow your business.

Milan is a leader in several fields of business, especially in finance, healthcare, and media.

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