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Rent Office Space in Stockholm

Are you looking for office rental options in Stockholm? Here at AllOfficeCenters, we are experts in locating a workplace to suit you. With plenty of options available throughout Sweden’s capital, we are sure to find a flexible office option with the right style, equipment, and community for your business.

Designed to make the search process as streamlined as possible, our Stockholm map page outlines the best office spaces available in the city’s most popular areas. From the bustling business district of Norrmalm to the picturesque architecture of Old Town to the trendy streets of Ostermalm: Our list of properties is sure to have what you are looking for – and if not feel free to contact us personally! Read more

1 Stockholm Kungsholmen, Fleminggatan

place 112 26 Stockholm, Fleminggatan

zoom_out_map Office size: 4 to 3,500 m2

Rent office space in this ultra-modern office located in the heart of Stockholm’s charming Kungsholmen district. Available offices range up to over 4,000 m², catering to all business types.

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2 Stockholm Ostermalm, Nybrogatan

place 114 39 Stockholm, Nybrogatan

zoom_out_map Office size: 4 to 2,200 m2

Work in one of the sleek office spaces located in this office building in Stockholm’s classy Ostermalm district. Just a short walk from the business district, this building has a number of different leasing options available. The private offices adjoin the well-furnished flexible work area, which caters to the needs of your team's members and lets them enjoy a vibrant work environment

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3 Stockholm Center, Vasagatan

place 111 20 Stockholm, Vasagatan

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 4,300 m2

With stunning views over Stockholm city center, this open plan shared office space is bright, professional, and perfect for companies of every description. With a variety of office spaces available from as compact as 4 m², it is a fantastic location for both small start-ups and corporate companies.

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4 Stockholm Ostermalm, Strandvagen

place 114 51 Stockholm, Strandvägen

zoom_out_map Office size: 11 to 800 m2

Located in a fantastic historic building, this commercial site on Stockholm’s scenic waterfront combines modern and classic styles in an eye-catching manner. The offices in this traditional piece of Swedish architecture vary in size, starting from just 4 m², making it applicable for small teams and entire workforces alike.

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5 Stockholm Norrmalm, Jakobsbergsgatan

place 111 43 Stockholm, Jakobsbergsgatan

zoom_out_map Office size: 11 to 1,000 m2

Located on the 4th floor and surrounded by large windows, this shared office space in Norrmalm, Stockholm, offers tenants both stunning design and innovative workspaces. Open-plan with large windows, the entire space is filled with a vitalizing natural light throughout the day. Office sizes start at 4 m² to 1,000 m² for small teams, and large corporate enterprises can also be accommodated with extra-large workspace configurations.

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6 Stockholm Norrmalm, Regeringsgatan

place 111 56 Stockholm, Regeringsgatan

zoom_out_map Office size: 13 to 2,200 m2

With offices ranging up to 2,200 m² in size, this well-furnished contemporary office building is found on one of the most popular streets in Stockholm’s Norrmalm district. Additionally, well-furnished community areas are a great alternative workspace, helping to encourage creativity in a more relaxed atmosphere.

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7 Stockholm Norrmalm, Torsgatan

place 11321 Stockholm, Torsgatan

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 4,000 m2

Situated next to Stockholm’s central train station, this rental office space is both stylish and spacious. The renovated historic building offers private office options ranging up to 4,000 m² in size. The site also has 15 conference rooms that can be booked when required for meetings with clients or colleagues.

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8 Stockholm City, Klarabergsviadukten

place 10123 Stockholm, Klarabergsviadukten

zoom_out_map Office size: 3 to 6,000 m2

With Stockholm’s Central Train station close by, this contemporary office site is in an extremely convenient location and home to stylish workspaces. Private offices as large as 6,000 m² are available even at short notice, making this location suitable for all varieties of business. Conference rooms accommodating 90 people are ideal for presenting to clients.

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9 Stockholm Ostermalm, Biblioteksgatan

place 114 35 Stockholm, Biblioteksgatan

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 2,500 m2

Opposite Stockholm’s picturesque Humlegarden Park, this beautifully designed property offers stunning views and brilliant transport links in abundance. Spread over four stories, the rental options vary from single lockable, private offices to large-scale open-plan offices. Suitable for every kind of company!

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10 Stockholm Norrmalm, Malmskillnadsgatan

place 111 51 Stockholm, Malmskillnadsgatan

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 4,000 m2

A system of airy workspaces and designer offices, this shared commercial building in Stockholm’s Central Business District is an innovative piece of architecture that inspires creativity. Given its central location, there are ample restaurant and bar options available for after-work celebrations and those in need of some fresh air have the option of a stroll in either of the nearby parks, Kungstradgarden and Humlegarden.

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Stockholm’s best Offices at a glance!

Stockholm is not only the capital city of Sweden but the very heart of its business infrastructure. The city is home to a wide variety of office spaces, from quirky smaller set-ups in trendy neighborhoods to larger-scale operations in the heart of its business district. That is why we at AllOfficeCenters consider it a hub for companies of every stature and industry and can help you find the perfect office space regardless of what you are seeking.

All of our flexible workspaces in Stockholm come in a variety of sizes and styles. Fully furnished with stylish, thought-provoking furniture and artwork, they are specifically designed to accommodate businesses of every description – be it start-ups, SMEs, or corporations with hundreds of employees. We can adapt the office space to cater to everything that you require, from layout to furnishings to equipment. Many of the office buildings also have price-friendly entry options for companies at the start of their business journey.

Offices for Rent entirely tailored to your specific business needs

From the classy streets of Ostermalm to the busy business hub of Norrmalm, there is sure to be an office to suit your company’s requirements. Plus, with daily updates finding your perfect workspace has never been easier.

Our range of offices includes charming refurbished historic buildings in Stockholm’s old town to large, open-air tower blocks located extremely conveniently next to the city’s central train station. Whether you prioritize beautiful dockside scenery, lively district entertainment, or a straight-laced business-focused atmosphere, our collection of Stockholm properties will have what you seek.

Choose what you want in terms of size, duration, layout, and any other additional services and our team at AllOfficeCenters will locate the ideal leasing option for you. Our flexible solutions ensure that you only pay for exactly what you want. So, if you have an image of your perfect office in mind don’t hesitate to enquire about your favorite location now or contact us at +49 69 588 043 100 and let us make it a reality.

The advantages of Flexible Offices

Stockholm: flourishing capital of the Swedish Kingdom

Stockholm is a capital city that is rich in history, swimming in lively energy, and an absolute hotspot for innovative businesses in Sweden. The capital’s combination of traditional architecture and modern aesthetics makes for plentiful interesting business locations.

The city’s main draws come in the form of its stunning waterfronts, welcoming citizens and cultural variety which spans historic sites, intriguing museums – including Moderna Museet, the Vasa Museum, and the ABBA Museum – and a varied food and drink scene ranging a wide variety of international and local cuisines. Thanks to the city’s economic stability and innovative ways of thinking, it is a perfect location in which to base your business.

Sweden’s most exciting business neighborhood – home of the country’s most iconic brands

With a population of just under one million people, Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia. Sweden’s strong economy sees it commonly rank amongst the top 10 in Europe in terms of GDP per capita, making its capital a spectacular option for situating your company’s main office. Furthermore, Stockholm’s GDP accounted for an incredible 31% of the national GDP in 2018, signifying the importance of its economic prowess.

The metropolis’ many advantages have seen many of Sweden’s most iconic brands call it home, including IKEA, H&M, and Spotify. Thus, if you are looking for new office space for your own team, this city as a company headquarters is not only the right choice in every respect but also brings your team to one of Scandinavia’s most prestigious business neighborhoods!

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