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With AllOfficeCenters’ team of flex office experts by your side, your search for Coworking Space in Luxembourg will be a quick and seamless one. Our consultants take care of the whole process, from shortlisting flexible workspaces that match your exact needs and arranging tours, through to the final contract negotiation. Best of all, our service is free.

1 Luxembourg, Grande Duchesse Charlotte

place L-1331 Luxemburg, boulevard Grande Duchesse Charlotte

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 12 to 80 m2

furnished offices for 1-8 workstations which can be arranged in this coworking center to suit your needs. Certain hot desks with a balcony or adjoining meeting rooms for up to 14 people. kitchenettes on all floors large kitchen with bistro tables and drinks dispenser. shower. IT room with individual racks available

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2 Luxembourg, Place de Paris

place 2314 Luxemburg, Place de Paris

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 10 to 200 m2

At the heart of an elegant area with multiple mansions, a few minutes walk from the station, with all facilities of shops, restaurants; this coworking center opens you the doors of an opulent and charming building, completely renovated and functional. For your needs, meeting rooms, or receptions, areas designed to measure all your needs and service of reception and irreproachable services to value the image of your company and boost your projects.

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3 Luxembourg, Rue Glesener

place L-1631 Luxemburg, Rue Glesener

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 8 to 26 m2

With the coworking space's unique interior architecture, its private and shared spaces, complete with meeting rooms, lounges, and events, you enter a place made to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams. It is the best place to work together with freelancers, SMBs, as well as start-ups.

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4 Luxembourg, Pétrusse

place L-2330 Luxemburg, Boulevard de la Pétrusse

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 12 to 80 m2

Only a few steps from the historic coworking space center and the central train station, the Boulevard de la Pétrusse is certainly one of the most prestigious addresses in Luxembourg. Hot desks which can be arranged to suit your needs, meeting room, kitchenettes on all floors, reception area exterior, parking spaces (park house 300 m away), and an IT room are given for your business needs.

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5 Bertrange, Route de Longwy

place 8080 Luxemburg, Route de Longwy

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 10 to 30 m2

Throughout the week a receptionist is responsible to welcome you and your guests to the coworking space in style and with great architecture. She will answer your questions in a friendly and personalized way and manage your mail in your absence. It will be held at your disposal to meet your professional demands and you will connect with partners and suppliers such as a business lawyer, accountant fiduciary, corporate formalities, translators, messenger, event management companies, IT service providers.

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6 Luxembourg, Boulevard d’Avranches

place 2628 Luxemburg, Boulevard d’Avranches

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 10 to 30 m2

In addition to its prime location at the very heart of the Grand Duchy's capital city, this coworking center offers its customers a luxurious and tranquil working environment, while also providing an experienced team of professionals. Particular care has been taken in the choice of the designer, contemporary furniture, and the coworking space boasts a view of the Vallee de la Petrusse or Jardin des Menhirs, the garden. Sound-proofing, accessibility and security – this shared location offers an environment that is perfect for any business seeking absolute confidentiality.

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7 Luxembourg, John F. Kennedy

place 1855 Luxemburg, John F. Kennedy

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 12 to 60 m2

Only 15 minutes from Fidel Airport or the Central Station, the coworking space is located on the 4th floor. The building proposes facilities such as a concierge service, a fitness center, and a daycare. Overall it's the perfect solution for any freelancer, SMBs, but also start-ups.

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8 Luxembourg, Rue Eugene Ruppert

place L-2453 Luxemburg, Rue Rugéne Ruppert

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 15 to 300 m2

This coworking center not only provides you a prestigious address but also a complete and personalized quality service at your disposal. Whether you require a workspace or partitioned smaller areas, either way, we can accommodate your needs. Overall it's the perfect solution for any freelancer, SMBs, but also start-ups.

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9 Luxembourg, Rue Goethe

place 1637 Luxemburg, Rue Goethe

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 10 to 30 m2

This coworking edifice offers a fully furnished workspace with lots of hot desks, that are ready to be shared, in the heart of Luxembourg. This historic building has been refurbished, adding a contemporary feel while maintaining its original features. It offers flexible solutions, personalized services, and meeting rooms.

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10 Luxembourg, Val Saint André

place 1128 Luxemburg, Val Saint André

zoom_out_map Kontorsstorlek: 10 to 30 m2

Looking for assistance to start your projects in Luxembourg or need any help with the administration of your company? This coworking center offers hot desks, meeting rooms, administrative services, secretarial work, bookkeeping, payroll administration, parking facilities, tax filing, and many more.

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