Corporate Coworking for SMEs and large companies

More and more SMEs, corporations, and large companies are seeking flexible mobile working and hybrid workplace solutions. Coworking spaces have adapted to this trend and offer tailored corporate memberships. We know your corporate requirements exactly and can successfully guide you to the right coworking provider.


Clarify your corporate needs with us

Do you need 100, 500, or 1000+ workstations on-site? Are you planning to open satellite offices? When do you want to start? We will clarify your needs from A-Z.

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Whether it's a showcase city location for your headquarters or suburban locations for your satellite offices: we will find the top locations for you.

Customized Coworking solutions

Corporate coworking solutions and enterprise memberships as agile as you are: duration, features, and equipment will be tailored to your needs!

Enterprise Coworking: the best solutions for the working world of the future

Coffee bar, table football, creative lounge: even before the long-lasting lockdown, companies of all sizes were concerned with a feel-good atmosphere in the workplace.

Today, it is even more important to be able to offer employees attractive working landscapes and now the focus is on how to successfully bring teams “back to the office” and implement hybrid working models. Corporate memberships for coworking spaces provide the perfect solution

If you are looking for an option like this, AllOfficeCenters has you covered. We are your expert for coworking spaces in over 40 countries worldwide. Be it major German cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt on the Main or top international locations such as Zurich, London, Amsterdam, or New York. We will find the spaces with the necessary space size, infrastructure, and professionalism for you.

Whatever your corporate needs: our experienced experts will advise give you advice without obligation and free of charge. We happily invest our knowledge, our network and negotiating experience into your specific business case. This is our promise of performance since 2014.

It has become more important than ever to convince one's employees with attractive working landscapes. This is exactly what enterprise memberships for desks and workspaces at coworking providers offer.

Corporate coworking offers top-notch amenities:

How you benefit from corporate memberships in Coworking Spaces:

  • Maximum flexibility in terms of contract duration: memberships can be booked for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, or longer
  • For all of your employees, close to home access is possible thanks to all-locations memberships of your chosen provider (Hub & Spoke)
  • Immediately available agile contract options, perfectly tailored to mobile working and the new hybrid working models
  • Combined offers including a mix of fixed desks, hot desks, and dedicated workspaces (e.g. for rotating teams)
  • Optimized and state-of-the-art hygiene standards concerning COVID-19 for the safety of your team
  • Short-term agreements from just 1 year or even shorter for highest flexibility
  • Tailored solutions that enable your business to leverage the advantages of work from anywhere (WFA)
  • Plenty of additional amenities to choose from, such as catering, conference rooms, and breakout areas

AllOfficeCenters will not only assist you in finding the perfect corporate coworking space but will also support you with know-how and experience in price negotiations and the drafting of contracts.

Your Corporate Coworking expert

The coworking sector offers numerous opportunities for large companies and corporations, even with several hundred employees and high space requirements. These opportunities can be exploited if, like our experts, you know this market and work closely with all flex space providers and shared space operators.

Shared Offices offer SMEs, corporations, and large companies many advantages

  • Are you looking for offices close to home for individual employees in addition to your headquarters?
  • Work from anywhere (WFA) is a potential option for you and/or in general, your employees want more flexibility in terms of work location?
  • Do you want to offer your team an attractive alternative to the home office or a hybrid working model?
  • Have you become tired of rental agreements with terms of 5-10 years?
  • Are you dreaming of the ideal environment for your team for a productive & creative exchange?

In cases like these, shared space providers offer SMEs and corporations a wide variety of suitable contract options. Whether you need 100, 200, or 1,000 workstations for your business: Nowadays, coworking providers around the globe are perfectly equipped to handle your request. Thanks to our partnerships, we can connect you with the right coworking providers all around the globe.

The coworking sector offers numerous opportunities for large companies and corporations, even with several hundred employees and high space requirements.

AllOfficeCenters, Europe's #1 flex office expert, happily will invest all their team's knowledge, our network, and our negotiating experience into your specific business case. This is our promise of performance since 2014.

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