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Office space is at a premium in Paris, France. Often, finding the right space for your company can be a challenge. As the European leader in flexible office space rentals, AllOfficeCenters will help you find the perfect location for your business in the capital of France.

Use our map page to search offices in dozens of locations throughout the city. We have office options in almost every Parisian arrondissement, including surrounding Le Centre Pompidou and Palace Royal. No matter the size of office space you are seeking, we have an adequate solution. Read more

1 Paris 3. Arr. Marais, Rue Des Archives

place 3. Arr. Marais Paris, Rue Des Archives

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 5.350 m2

Combining old and new seamlessly, this new office location set in a traditional Parisian aristocratic building on Rue Des Archives is the perfect place to let your company flourish. The workspace is spread over three floors set around an indoor courtyard, with excellent natural lighting, and an abundance of greenery that gives it a fresh, energetic feel.

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2 Paris 9. Arr. Gaillon, Rue des Italiens

place 75009 Paris, Rue des Italiens

zoom_out_map Office size: 5 to 5.190 m2

Set amongst the beautiful historic architecture of Rue des Italiens in Paris’ 9th Arrondissement, this stylish bureau location has plenty to offer for companies from all industries and of all sizes. The providers of this location have transformed a traditional piece of Parisian architecture into a modern and highly sought-after office location in the Gaillon district. The comfortable community areas are decorated with local artwork to leave the perfect first impression on your employees and guests.

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3 Paris 9. Arr. Saint-Georges, Rue De Navarin

place 75009 Paris, Rue de Navarin

zoom_out_map Office size: 6 to 4.810 m2

Located on Rue De Navarin in Paris’ 9th Arrondissement, this contemporary workspace provides five floors of brilliant offices available to rent. Private offices are available in various sizes and types, making it an appropriate choice for all kinds of companies to use a headquarters, project base, or satellite office for remote teams. Alongside the office spaces, you find beautifully furnished and decorated community areas designed to help you relax and seek inspiration. Conference rooms are available for meetings with colleagues and clients.

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4 Paris 19. Arr. Jaurès, Boulevard De La Villette

place 75019 Paris, Boulevard de la Villette

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 4.320 m2

Taking inspiration from the bohemian atmosphere of its location in Paris’ 10th Arrondissement, this contemporary flex office location on Boulevard De La Villette is a fantastic place to run your business. The spacious open-plan layout allows for the rooms to be flooded with natural light throughout the day, keeping energy levels high.

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5 Paris 17. Arr. Ternes, Boulevard Pereire

place 75017 Paris, Boulevard Pereire

zoom_out_map Office size: 6 to 4.650 m2

Located on Boulevard Pereire in central Paris, this spacious workspace is a perfect location for all companies, regardless of the industry. All 5 floors of this stunning property are extremely well-lit thanks to the open-plan setting and large windows, which allow plenty of natural light to spill in. The art-filled community areas are designed to offer creative inspiration in a comfortable setting. Conference rooms are also available and a great option for more formal meetings with clients.

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6 Paris 9. Arr. Saint-Georges, Rue Jules Lefebvre

place 75009 Paris, Rue des Italiens

zoom_out_map Office size: 5 to 5.190 m2

Set in a converted historic building, this premium and renovated office building on Rue Jules Lefebvre features 10 floors of fantastic workspace perfect for businesses of all sizes. The blend of old and new creates a unique working atmosphere complete with local artwork and vibrant green spaces designed to inspire those that work here. There are many different private office options available, making it an ideal solution for every situation and company type.

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7 Paris 8. Arr. Saint-Augustin, Boulevard Haussmann

place 75008 Paris, Boulevard Haussmann

zoom_out_map Office size: 6 to 4.280 m2

Located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris, this commercial site is in a chic new building that exudes high quality and professionalism. The stunning open plan design is naturally well-lit to promote positivity and inspiration in your employees. There are private offices available to rent for a contract period that suits your business needs, making it a perfect option for agile companies, project teams, and entrepreneurs alike.

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8 Paris Puteaux, La Nef des Collines de l’Arche

place 92800 Paris, La Nef des Collines de l'Arche

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 3.940 m2

Underneath the sleek exterior of this modern glass building, there lie commercial facilities specifically designed to inspire and energize its members and guests. Located on La Nef des Collines de l’Arche in the heart of La Défense, Paris’ largest business district, the space features fully-equipped offices for companies of all sizes – no matter whether your team consists of 10, 100, or 500 members.

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9 Paris Puteaux, Terrasse Bellini

place 92800 Paris, Terrasse Bellini

zoom_out_map Office size: 8 to 4.710 m2

Across the 4 floors of vibrant office space, the companies based here vary in terms of both size and industry. Designed to inspire and invigorate, the open plan floors of this property are well-lit and colorful with comfortable community lounges on every floor. They offer a great place to network with fellow businesses.

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10 Paris 17. Arr. Ternes, Avenue de Wagram

place 75017 Paris, Avenue de Wagram

zoom_out_map Office size: 6 to 4.960 m2

Situated on Avenue de Wagram near the center of Paris, this flexible office site achieves a blend of modern and classic styles to create an energetic and inspiring workspace. Both private offices and open-plan options are available to rent, making it a versatile option for every kind of company. All offices and community areas are brightly lit thanks to the large windows, encouraging maximum productivity and positive vibes.

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Paris – the capital’s best Offices at a glance!

Searching for office space in Paris with flexible leasing options and agreements? Our leasing team at AllOfficeCenters provides choices of all sizes to meet the needs of any business. Additionally, all of our fully-furnished listings boast extra amenities such as conference rooms and common areas, kitchens, and included internet. The flexible concept also allows you to move in even on short notice with rent contracts from three months duration or even less.

Affordable Lease Agreements in the most desirable arrondissements

Popular commercial districts for businesses include 2nd Arr. de la Bourse, Puteaux, 19th Arr. des Buttes-Chaumont, Saint-Denis, Neuilly sur Seine, and Suresnes. AllOfficeCenters representatives help you secure the perfect location be it near the Louvre in the art-centric Opéra District or a central locale like the Champs-Élysées. Easily navigate available office spaces with our helpful map tool.

Just find the area of the city you are interested in and quickly scan the available units. Browse over 50 available rentals, from contemporary spaces to historic buildings. Advice regarding the perfect locale via the AllOfficeCenters team is 100% free of charge. We are one of the most knowledgeable experts regarding renting commercial space.

Rental Offices in Paris, brokered without obligation and commission-free

No matter if your business is searching for open floor plans that inspire or is looking for private rental units, flexible leasing options are available to fit the needs of your company. The workstations are found in several sleek and modern buildings throughout the city.

From start-ups to established companies and international enterprises with hundreds of employees looking to grow their businesses in Paris, the market for office space – particularly flexible leases – moves quickly. Whether you are seeking a fully furnished office or something more traditional, we have your needs covered. Feel free to contact our experts directly and let us make your office dream a reality.

No matter if you are searching for open floor plans that inspire or looking for private rental units, flexible leasing options are available to fit your company's needs.

Additional benefits you can expect from Paris’ best Offices:

Paris: the economical heart of France

As the largest city in France and the seat of the government, Paris is home to thousands of innovative businesses and companies. As a major transportation hub in Europe, businesses choose to locate here because of its easy access to highways, railways, and two international airports.

With a population of 2.17 million residents, Paris takes pride in its diverse people and cultures. The city is a leader in commerce, transportation, fashion, science, arts, finance, and food, making the Île-de-France province an ideal location for businesses to collaborate and innovate. In fact, the city is an economical powerhouse that it accounts for 30% of the entire French GDP.

Innovative business environments for a wide range of industries

Businesses seek office space rentals in Paris due to its prime location in Europe. Its central position and access to superb public transportation options model the city as a place that makes working convenient and accessible. In fact, the Métro serves over 5 million daily commuters, making working anywhere in the city easy.

As one of the most desired tourist destinations throughout the world, the streets of Paris are always full of locals and visitors alike. The district of La Défense is one of Europe’s business districts and home to both French and international companies. The Central Business District is another neighborhood catering to the many needs of professionals. Much of the industry here is based around technology and digital technology, making it a vital hub for innovation.

Flexible Lease Agreements available on the Seine River

The Seine River is the lifeblood of Paris. Running through the heart of the city, 37 bridges span its waters to keep commerce and people in the French capital connected. The most famous bridges include the Pont de Normandie (one of the longest cable bridges in the world), the Pont Alexandre III, and the Pont Neuf. If you are searching for a location that will provide scenic vistas of the Seine, AllOfficeCenters provides several riverfront commercial options.

AllOfficeCenters is the European leader in flexible leasing. No matter the size of your business we have spaces that fit a team of two to larger companies of over 100 employees. Reach out to our team today for more information regarding commercial leases.

The city is a leader in commerce, transportation, fashion, science, arts, finance, and food, making it an ideal location for businesses to collaborate and innovate.

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